Our ICT Services

PDC Technology is run by dynamic, mature and forward-thinking management personnel supported by highly skilled and trained sales and marketing teams with many years of specialised and complementary talents and abilities.
The PDC Technology team fully understand the market and consumer needs after many years of experience, and in understanding these needs, is adept at working with partners and clients.

Architecture and design

Analysis of business structure and processes, development of technology roadmaps to support business and ICT strategies.
Development and dissemination of ICT standards taking into account impact on legacy technologies and facilitating adoption of future trends.
Includes modelling, development and adoption of frameworks as well as definition of current, transitional and future state architectures.

Data centre

Provision of expert advice and recommendations on: migration strategies, future data centre operating and governance models including best practices such as ITIL.
Assistance with key strategic documents. Provision of services to assist with actual migration activities. Provision of services associated with data centre operational activities including delivery “as a service”.

Risk management

Considers risk from different perspectives with an organisation; strategic, programme,project and operational.
•• Business continuity planning
•• Capacity and availability planning
•• Process and technology audits

Server management

Server installation, con iguration and maintenance The installation, configuration and maintenance of operating system software and testing of installation, licences, upgrades, patches of operating system (OS) software.

Operations management

Management and maintenance of the server environment. The management of mainframes, servers and ISP hosting hardware as well as the management of operating system and system management software. Includes the backup and recovery of servers and operating systems.

Security management

Create strategy, architecture, solutions and services that protect ICT environment. Includes developing strategies, conducting security audits and identifying risks and issues and conducting vulnerability assessments.
Undertake various security testing including, penetration testing, web security testing, secure code reviews, security and environment testing meets agreed standards.


Software licensing and support for database applications, data management, virtualisation and partitioning software, operating systems, enterprise application integration (EAI), application performance and monitoring software, programming language, web design, hosting and middle ware applications software, and any infrastructure and utilities software.

Software licensing and support for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, business intelligence (BI) and enterprise content management (ECM) software, computer-aided design,engineering and manufacturing software, office productivity software.

Office automation solutions Including messaging, collaboration and unified communications

Web Development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).
Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.
A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, include web-content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development.
Web development refers to the main non design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. We will develop the specific functionality & features you needed for your Company website.

Telecommunication services -equipment

PDC provides physical equipment used in the provision of telecommunications including handsets, headsets, cables, accessories, hubs, bridges, routers, switches, modems, interface cards, firewalls as well as associated systems including but not limited to voice and/or video mail and unified messaging systems, contact centre systems, interactive voice response systems (IVRs), music and messaging on hold systems, voice recording systems, audio conference systems, video conferencing and webcam systems, private paging and public address systems, broadcast messaging systems.

Tower Installation & Equipment

We are an authorized distributor of communication tower parts and accessories. Installing telecommunications and wireless communications towers is our company’s specialty. We install everything from small residential Internet and amateur radio towers to large-scale commercial projects.

We deploy the passive physical infrastructure necessary to house the active equipment – the Base Transceiver Station, transmission link and microwave antenna - of our customers.
Towers range from the traditional latticetype structure – such as the ground-based tower, rooftop tower or pole - to aesthetically designed lightweight hybrid poles, monopoles or camouflaged towers that merge with the backdrop.

Residential Tower Services

Whether you need a tower for Internet or amateur radio, our team of communication tower specialists will assess your situation and provide you with the highest-quality services in the industry!

Commercial Services

Our company is bonded, insured, and all of our employees are certified. Trust us with your next commercial tower project–you won’t be disappointed!

Biometric Systems

Productivity of an organization depends on the management of its employee’s with agile and astute manner. Thus, accurate measurement of employee working hours renders better ways to boost employee productivity.
An employee time and attendance system monitors working times and compiles important information about absence patterns, thereby reducing organizational cost and time.
Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a payroll Manager.

We have designed and develop simplified solutions for Time and Management Systems.
Icon deploys custom Time & Attendance Management Systems that are well suited for your business needs.
Our technology seamlessly integrates and compiles data from swipe cards, biometric technology, face recognition technology, and much more.

Our line of biometric products incorporates precision fingerprint-sensing technology into ergonomic computer peripherals that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience.

Fiber Optics

We specialize in providing leading edge solutions technology products such as industrial networking cables, illumination fibers and bundles, medical assemblies and optical sensors.
•• Optical Fiber and Cable
•• Fiber Optic Sensor Cables
•• Cable Assemblies
•• Flexible Light Pipes
•• Light Pipe - LED Mounts and Lens Caps
•• LEDs - Leaded and Surface Mount
•• Light Pipe Cable and Fiber - Pre-cut
•• Light Pipe Cable and Fiber - Spools
•• Light Pipe Evaluation Kits
•• Custom Light Pipes, LED Mount and Lens Caps
•• Fiber Optic Connectors
•• LEDs and Photodetectors
•• Tools and Test Equipment

End user computing

Installation, configuration and maintenance, includes ordering equipment, delivery, installation of operation systems and decommissioning of existing equipment.


This includes; strategy and plan development and evaluation, forecasting or analysis of future trends, strategic research and analysis, development of and advice on management frameworks (eg risk, service delivery management and portfolio management).

Network Management

Installation, configuration and maintenance of network equipment. Includes loading software, unit and network testing to confirm installation of equipment and software solutions, and configuration.

Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System

These are best machines to solve all your problems related to time and attendance of the employee. It can be used to uniquely identify person. These are best Biometric Attendance System for managing time and attendance of employees. This support USB and produces the direct output in Excel Format.

Fingerprint Biometric Attendance and Access Control System

These are best machines to solve all your problems related to time and attendance of the employee.
It can be used to uniquely identify person. These are best Biometric Attendance System for managing time and attendance of employees. This support USB and produces the direct output in Excel Format.
Added advantage is that it has access control inbuilt. This feature can be used to monitor movement of an employee and also prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas of premises.

Biometric +RFID based time attendance machine

These are best Biometric Attendance System for managing time and attendance of employees.
It has a added layer of security.
It has two Identification modes that are Fingerprint + RFID Card/PIN. One can use only finger or only RF Card or both. PIN no’s can be added as a third layer of security in which employee has to use all the three modes i.e finger + card + Pin nos.
These feature is widely use where management want to give access to a particular department to particular employee’s only. Rests all are denied access.

Face recognition based attendance system

These machines with Face cum Fingerprint ID based Attendance Recorder and Access Control System which has higher Face and Fingerprint template capacity.
All operations are designed to be performed on the LCD Display of 2.8” TFT color screen.
It is a multi-biometric identification method and is more widely used in Government Offices, Colleges and Schools. It Supports LAN/ Ethernet and USB modes.
This product also includes free Attendance and payroll software.

Video Surveillance Systems / Closed Circuit Television

Video Surveillance Camera Systems can be effective in preventing crime and providing valuable insight and documentation for businesses.
As a leading provider of security solutions for businesses, PDC can install an effective video surveillance system that provides visibility over your entire business or property to keep your organization and employees secure.
In addition, video surveillance systems or CCTV provide records of key events for security and legal purposes.

We install wired or wireless IP cameras, monitors, and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from many of the top companies in the industry, which ensures that our clients’ satisfaction and make sure we meet their facilities’ unique video surveillance needs.
Our state-of-the-art system is fully advanced in the latest tools and software to make sure you get the most out of your video surveillance system. Our main security services include the following:
•• Video surveillance
•• Video Management Systems / Software
•• DVR (Digital Video Recorders)
•• Video Analytics
•• Video Cameras Atlanta / IP Cameras
•• Video Monitors
•• Wireless Networking

Photo Copy Machines

We proud to present its extensive product and service lines that can meet your specific demand to suit all your company needs.
Our products can take your office productivity to a whole new level with some of its impressive features; high performance, high durability and quality, whilst maintaining low- running costs.
PDC offers Digital Copiers (Color & B/W), All- in- one (Multifunctional) machines and Laser Printers for sale and for rent (short to long- term).
We also supply Binding and Laminating machines, Toners, Drums and other Spare Parts.

Furthermore, services and deliveries are provided by our highly-skilled team of copier expertise technicians with years of training and experience to support you.
Our experienced service department provides excellent services and maintenances to keep your office machines running smoothly.

All copier and printer systems are fully guaranteed and are offered with service agreements for maintenance and IT Network & Connectivity support tailored to your requirements.

Point of Sales Systems

We market Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions in the area of hospitality, food service, retail industries.
Customer focus and satisfaction is our spirit.
Our primary objective is to continuously provide the industries with quality management and the most up-to-date advanced technology so as to equip them with excellent competitive tools to maximize their productivity, efficiency and returns.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

PDC offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions.
Our UPSs are designed to ensure that companies can protect their mission critical applications by maintaining a steady flow of energy under adverse circumstances.
An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus designed to furnish emergency power even when other sources of input power fail, and they are indispensable tools within a huge number of unrelated industries.
Power even when other sources of input power fail, and they are indispensable tools within a huge number of unrelated industries.
Our UPS systems feature the following:
•• Leading AC-AC Efficiency
•• Fully redundant and configuration design
•• High input and output power factors
•• Low iTHD
•• Easily expandable without requiring additional hardware

Thin Clients

•• Desktop cloud clients
•• Mobile Cloud clients
•• Zero clients
•• Thin clients Software

Electronic Devices

Notebooks & Desktops and AIO’S, External & Internal Hardrives Monitors, Motherboards, Keyboards & Mice PDC offers a wide range of products and services under the “DREAM” banner:
•• Full range of Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and Rugged Notebooks
•• Full range of AIO PCs, Desktop PCs, Industry PCs, Smart TVs, Displays and Security Surveillance
•• Award winning service and support for PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones and Servers; On-site training and service, IT solutions, software projects
•• Smartphones and Handheld Computers
•• Cloud Solutions and Super Computers
•• External & Internal Hardrives
•• Monitors , Motherboards, Keyboards & Mice