PDC is effusively dedicated to career and vocational development for individuals and groups to equip them with skills and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their own personal results. This does not underscore the need for team effort to achieve better results.
Therefore, the company has a package specifically designed to foster team work and attainment of goals through our customised team building programs that are rich in activities and motivational speeches from our motivational speakers.


Our Team building exercises are designed to impart skills and knowledge for your team to be a productive workforce and a cohesive unit. Organisations are affected by incompatible staff goals stemming from cultural diversity and aspirations.
Team building is an ongoing exercise, where we try to help members of a team to share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, trust and support for one another through respecting the individual differences.


To be the renowned world class product and services provider of first choice in Namibia and beyond.


To provide high quality, innovative and customer –oriented products and services that meet the aspirations of our stakeholders.


 Team Work


Performance Development Centre's team building exercises offer you the below mentioned benefits:

 Build a spirit of cooperation and involvement· Have fun with positive and motivational results
 Observe how different team roles and styles are necessary for successful teams
 Recognise the importance of time management and realistlc goal setting
 Operate in systems consistent with company values
 Leverage a range of communication styles to maximise results
 See how expectations can influence outcomes
 Provide a safe and supportive learning environment
 Offer a platform to examine more specific issues such as the customer-supplier relationship, negotiation

Skills, sustainability or corporate social responsibility.

From our experience observing teams in action we know what makes a good team click, what motivates individuals to perform and why some succeed when others fail.
We have continuously invested in development and acquiring of materials intended for enriching the activities that help to improve your team's performance and ultimately your bottom line.
Our ongoing repeat business with so many companies in and around Namibia reflects our success and ultimately the success of our customers.

Should you want a guaranteed return for your investment, PDC is the ultimate solution.

Event Cancellation

Performance Development Centre cc, reserves the right to cancel at any time and at its sole discretion. In event of such cancellation PDC cc will refund any registration fees paid, direct to the delegate upon proof of purchase, and this refund shall be full extend of the PDC cc liability to the delegate arising out of such cancellation. In event of cancellation PDC will use reasonable endeavours to alert those who have booked to attend an event/training.


Experiential Learning:

Promoting learning through personal involvement and commitment to the process.

Developing Your Vision

Helping you to discover your vision of the future as your driving force to success.

Psychometric Profiling

Identifying personality and character traits that could be vital to your role and performance.

Business Simulations

Using a variety of business models to create a unique learning environment just for you.

Team Coaching

Bringing together in individuals to form a cohesive, unified working group.

The Best Team

Staging a world class workshop experience requires a committed and competent team that works together like clockwork. We have one of the best teams in the business with varied experience.

Widely Trusted

The best proof of quality is through the experience and words of our existing clients, who keep coming back for a whole new experience.

Happy or Free

We put our money where our mouth is. We are obsessed to quality of delivery and the experience we create for our clients. Our promise to our clients is unconditional.

Motivational Speeches

During our team building, we bring you most sought after dynamicpersonalities and highly resourceful people in business and professional circles to help you expand your personal and professional dreams. They bring vast knowledge, inspiring and highly engaging speeches for creating a positive mind-set in your employees thereby positively contributing to organisational productivity and development.


Our team building package comes with an unusual, exciting and or daring experiences associated with minimum risks.
•Quad Biking
•Camel Rides
•Game drives
•Go Karting
•Water Games
•Boat Cruise
Our facilitation team provide you with the skills to identify your own individual learning conclusions and apply them back into the workplace, whilst cultivating a degree of selfevaluation and concentrated focus in every day actions and behaviors in order to meet a variety of goals consistently and effectively. You should not miss out the opportunity to identify entrenched ideas and past experiences that often create incompatible goals and the subsequent replacement of these ideas with a set of structures, processes and behavioral approaches that apply to every member of the team for organisational success.

Our Partners

Our Team Building Activities

Team building is known primarily an outdoor activity however the need for indoor and evening events should not be underscored. We have developed a series of indoor team building activities that retain an element of fun, but which are also capable of effectively developing team skills when that outcome is required. Our key focus areas on team development and which most of games capture are:

Time Management and Privatization Skills

• Leadership Skills
• Communication Skills ( Listening! Persuading I Respecting! Helping! Sharing! Questioning! Participating)
• Subordination (Its importance in achieving visions and missions)
• Conflict Management Skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Stress Management
• Diversity Management

Our Team building activities are designed around:

Indoor Events

• The drawing sheet
• Build a Shelter
• Construct a tale
• The little known fact game
• Building blocks
• One question
• Ufe timeline
• The Egg drop
• Frostbite
• Cluck and Claps
• Tire pass
• Lilly Pads
• Concerntration games


Land Activities:

• Archaeology! Abseiling! Adventure Racing! Birding! Boating
• Carmel Trails/ Rides! Canoing and Rafting! Caving!
• Cave Diving! Cultural Tours! Casino! Golfing!
• Geological Tours Para gliding | Hang gliding | Hunting
• Hiking Trail Horse Rides! Mountaineering! Quad Biking
• Rock Climbing! Sand Boarding! Stargazing! Scenic Drives
• 4x4 Trails
• The Egg drop

Water Activities:

• Angling! Diving! Dolphin/Seal Cruises! Deep Sea Fishing
• Fresh Water Fishing I Sea Kayaking! Shore fishing
• Water Sport

Air Activities:

• Ballooning
• Micro Lighting
• Soaring
• Skydiving